How can we help your legs ?

do you have to stand or sit a lot for a job

Swollen feet, heavy legs

Are you standing or sitting all day?

Most people have too little exercise in the job and know the feel of legs as hard as lead. This is because the blood cannot be sufficiently transported back to the heart if there is not enough movement. It builds up in the legs, causing them to swell and become heavy. This is not only unpleasant for humans, but also a great burden for the leg veins.

Help your veins on the go and feel more agile and fit for longer: with modern compressive stockings that support the natural function of the leg veins, optimize the return of the blood and thus prevent venous disease.


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Thrombosis, tingling and Stinging in the legs

Do you smoke?

Smoking has many negative influences on the body. Above all, it favors vessel narrowing and calcification and increases the risk of thrombosis, ie a vascular occlusion.

The carbon monoxide content of cigarettes also inhibits the absorption of oxygen in the blood, which can lead to undersupply and thereby to pain (usually in the legs).

If you still can not stop smoking or have smoked for a long time, we recommend compressing stockings to support your veins and prevent possible discomfort.


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do you smoke
Do you have a few pounds too much

Swollen legs and feet, lack of exercise

Do you have a few pounds too much?

Everyone is different, and if the scale indicates something more, that is not always problematic. After all, weight fluctuations have a variety of causes. Just listen carefully to the signals of your body and do yourself only good. Pay attention to a lot of exercise, a balanced diet and your well-being.

This also includes actively preventing weak veins. Compressive stockings by BELSANA support your veins in every situation. And who goes through healthy life on healthy legs, feels more comfortable and automatically more active.


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Spider veins, varicose veins, thrombosis

Are you hereditary biased?

Many venous diseases are hereditary. So if your parents or other close relatives are affected, you should pay particular attention to your leg health and take even the slightest signs of venous insufficiency seriously. Because even without genetic predisposition certain life circumstances and the natural aging process in the course of life can lead to leg discomfort.

No matter what age you are and whether you are still symptom-free or are already showing signs of mild venous disease, you remain fit to stay on your feet.


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varicose veins

Is your compression stocking older than 6 months?

If, from a medical point of view, you should wear medical compression stockings on a permanent basis, it is important that you receive a new treatment regularly – every 6 months – because even the most advanced materials used are subject to an aging process. After approx. 6 months of regular wearing, according to general expert opinion, an optimal effect of the compression stockings can no longer be guaranteed. For the support of your veins, however, the correct pressure and pressure course is of crucial importance. That’s why your doctor can prescribe new compression stockings every 6 months. Talk to him.